This article was originally posted on then Friendster Blog Page. I re-posted it on Facebook Notes on September 21, 2010. I thought it should be posted on my blog site being the first article I wrote that I posted on line. I hope you have the time to read it.


“Time is fleeting for those who rush, crawling for those who wait.”–– ‘dunno who said this (I just made this up=j)


It’s hard being here on Earth.

I am blessed with the chances and the ability to meet a lot of people. A really lot! From all walks of life, from both ends. From the hard core street children who get by the day with a cup full of solvent, to people who cannot even cross the road by foot. From people who live in edifices to people who live in a make-shift houses. From people with a golden spoon in their mouths to people who use spoon only when eating porridge. From families whose parents’ commodities are their children to people who do not only communicate with their gods but even play tennis and golf with them. From street vendors, to company owners. From an “employee” whose only expected “salary” is a free meal for the day, to people who receive a six-digit salary whose burden is to sign papers. From rebel children, to robotics. And the list goes on.

They may not be the representation of the whole populace but enough to represent a big chunk. And though I never had a chance to really live with them, I had a chance to spend some time with them, therefore making me a qualified witness to their lives. And yes, to some, even to the deep part of their lives.

I said I am blessed, but most of the time, it is also a curse.

Being with the peak dwellers taught me to always aim high. It gave me an idea to also aspire for such status. ‘Got to learn how to dress like them, act, speak and eat like them. And anything considered as their trade mark. ‘Learned how to spot and mingle with them. Not withstanding the fact that it is such a stressful life. Alibi is: “It’s a learning experience”   For being with them is not cheap. Lack of sleep, constantly pressured ( you have to meet their “standards”), not to mention the high cost of being with them. My three-month involvement with one of them cost me my year’s wage. Stupid thing is, I never got to make the most out this involvement. But then again, “it’s a learning experience” Although some of them have I witnessed prefer or chose simplicity. A choice which I concluded to be present in both ends. It’s just a matter of choice. To be simple in the higher end is easier though. But then, a lot of them prefer to be gross. And so are those who aspire to be one of them. I happened to catch a significant amount of the virus.

Witnessing the life of the crawlers on the other hand taught me to fear sliding down. Having a bulk of gross virus in me, placed me in a constant fear of being in the bogs one day. Ever thought of hiding from people who are once sweet to you but are now wanting to get a piece of you for they owned something you temporarily posses and they want it back? Paranoia it is. For being in the middle gives me a chance to go up or a possibility to slide down. Fear is in, for a fact is known to me, I live not by design but by chance. I am not actually anything, but everything. A copy cat in other words. Such fact is also a reminder for me, that I am such a fortunate worthless being. I always get through the day. Miracle isn’t it? For being in the middle with such trait is a constant battle of running forward and sliding back. And the stress caused by sliding back is so immense that you’d love to just disappear or wish that you have never existed. But such motion makes one’s skin thick and therefore forming another man. A strong one though, whose fighting spirit remains high even in the driest drought. Drawback: it leaves you with a lot of scars. Scars which are beautiful only in the eyes of a righteously thankful person. Scars which I’d hide then from the gross peak dwellers and I would love to show to the crawlers, hoping a lesson will be learned.

It is a curse most of the time, but the blessing in some of the time is more significant though.

I only have a virtually zero number of  personal enemies. A lot hate me so I think, but that does not make them my enemy. I prefer to call people my friends or my potential friends.

This is such a blessing. Having your friends or your potential friends around you opens the door of opportunities. Helping hands, caring advises and encouragements, good companionship. All you can say about what a true friend can give.

But best of all, the life-changing encounters.

My saga will continue…

But best of all, the life-changing encounters.

saga will continue…



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